Friday, July 24, 2015

Classic Bars Near the Berkshires of Massachusetts

Each city throughout the United States is known for something, usually a type of attraction, the nightlife or its wonderful food. The Berkshires of Massachusetts are known for a lot of things, like horseback riding, farmers' markets, museums, and festivals. Additionally, the Berkshires are sprinkled with unique bars and taverns.

The Old Heritage Tavern

This classic bar and restaurant located in Lenox, MA, right in the heart of the Berkshires, is a gathering place for the locals and tourists. It's a locally-owned, family operated restaurant that offers a memorable experience. The inside resembles that of a comfortable cottage-like feel, with brick and wood accents. Heritage prides itself as a place that serves locally-grown and fresh food from burgers to fish and chips.

Like any good old-fashioned bar scene, darts and billiards are among some of the games to play. They're open year round!

Moe's Tavern

You haven't visited the downtown nightlife of the Berkshires unless you've visited Moe's. Moe's Tavern prides itself in knowing all about craft beer. When you step into this bar, the overwhelming sense of "cool" and "hip" immediately take over.

Moe's Tavern also includes its very own "Trader Moe's" (poking fun at Trader Joe's), with all kinds of local craft beer to choose from.

The Green Room

A little more upscale than the last two, The Green Room will not only impress your friends, but also you each time you visit. This particular bar specializes in delicious food and craft cocktails. Nestled in a unique Northhampton scene that will take your breath away, it's both a tourist attraction and a bar favorite for the locals.

About the Author: Paul is a guest contributor for Staveleigh House, a cozy bed and breakfast located in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

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