Monday, November 30, 2015

The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

3701 N. Croatan Hwy, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949 MP 4.5 
Enjoy some of the best restaurants in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina with our complete list below:

Outer Banks Taco Bar

This eatery has a number of vegetarian options available with vegan plates that are also offered upon request. The establishment is known for the versatility with their menu, which includes black bean burgers, hummus with pita bread, and Costa Rican rice dishes for patrons who enjoy ethnic cuisine that is healthier to indulge in. Guests particularly enjoy the relaxed environment and the accommodating staff at the taco bar for a great place to visit with friends or as a family. The menu prices for appetizers, entrees, and sides is moderate.

Ocean Boulevard Bistro & Martini Bar

Ocean Boulevard Bistro & Martini Bar is happy to serve its guests a full and separate vegetarian menu that offers leafy salads and a long list of starters. Guests enjoy having fresh choices that includes the housemade olive linguine with capers or the cherry bread pudding. There's also the grilled portabellas and asparagus, which are popular sides for the vegetarian dishes. The environment at the bistro is spacious and clean for a welcoming environment that is easy to relax in. The menu items have high prices, but are appropriately priced for the fresh ingredients that are used with each dish.

Outer Bean Juice and Java

This place is a favorite among vegetarians and vegans in the community for their rotating menu and fresh choices. Vegetarians particularly enjoy coming for the three-cheese paninis and fruit smoothies while vegans love the vegan wraps and kale salad. Other items that are favorites at the establishment include the tomatoes basil appetizer, egg and cheese casserole, and the watermelon salad. Patrons find that it's a refreshing place to stop by on the way to the beach for a location offers plenty of seating with friendly owners.

Zen Pops

Both locals and tourists in Kitty Hawk are known to frequent Zen Pops for a healthy alternative to other restaurants in the area. This eatery serves healthier alternatives of sugary treats for menu items that include the lemonade peach popsicles and non-dairy chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. Coconut cream is one of the dairy substitutes for savory desserts on the menu to ensure that each dessert is still creamy. Guests should try the chocolate sea salt and orange blackberry pops or the pineapple lemongrass popsicles for unique flavors that are unforgettable. All of the food options taste fresh and are perfect to try in the summer season.

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