Friday, April 20, 2012

Proper Construction Materials

The warm weather is just around the corner, and so are all your building and construction projects. Don't go diving into your project right from the start though. Use this calm before the storm to prepare and make sure you have all the right materials you need to get the job done right the first time. Don't work on your barbed wire fence without the right wire rod, and don't hammer away at the tree house without a power saw. Here are a few common tools and items you may need that you haven't thought about.

Tool box - Okay, maybe you have thought about this one already, but is it equipped with everything you will need? The right screwdrivers at the right sizes? Cutting knife? Gauges? Every project will require different tools, so make sure you have the tools that you need for your specific job.

Paint Supplies - If your job requires any painting, then take the time to pick out the right color for your paint needs. Be wary of costs, as you don't want to pay lots more for paint than you have to. Compare paint prices at major brand stores online, then talk to a sales representative about paint types that will meet your specific needs.

Building Materials - Lay out your plans, and see what the quantities of all the materials you will need. Most likely, your work of art will be a bit unstable at times. Make sure you have a good sturdy table or material made from steel bar. If you're looking for steel bar projects, visit Capital Steel & Wire, a supplier of it:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Construction Work of the Summer

In my mind, there are plenty of positives and negatives of the summer season. Positives would include long sunny days, warmer weather, going to the beach and late night bonfires. Negatives include construction season. When you live in a colder environment like I do, roads freeze in the winter time, cracks expand and roadwork has to be done when it warms up. This leads to unbearable backups on the road and lots of pent up frustration. Here's a few ways to avoid the construction mess.

Driving at night or in the evening can cut down the amount of time you spend on the road. Construction workers are not out and about at night, but if they are use extra caution! You can also beat the rush by planning out your trip ahead of time. Look up local news stations to find out if there are any projected backups and find out where the detours are. There are some smartphone apps that are smart enough to know where construction is taking place, and can be a life saver on road trips. Quite often, construction companies will block off entire roads and bridges, so it is always good to know where they have a temporary road or bridge installed so you can be on your way with no delay. Hope you enjoy your summer, I'm sure I will!

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Salt for your Health?

Doctors have told me for years about the adverse effects salt can have on your body. Because salt consists mostly of sodium, taking it in in large quantities is bad for your body and overall health. It is said that humans consume on average 20 times more levels of sodium than they are supposed to. However, salt acts as an essential part of our lives, as a preservative and cooking material to something that keeps our roads clear through the winter. I guess it's just something to admire and avoid at the same time.