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Thinking Creatively and Destroying Destructive Thinking

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All thinking is creative. If you have read the parent page, Energetic Beings in the Spirit World… then you know that we exist in a domain within a domain within a domain and so forth until we reach the domain of Spirit. So all beings reside in Spirit. Furthermore, we are all in the Zero Point Field, a universal field of energy that links us to all that is and reacts to every change in the field including each thought or feeling we have. Ernest Holmes summed it up nicely by saying, “We are individual points of consciousness in Universal Mind.” That means we think with the same mind and into the same Mind that we reside within. Perhaps Mind is another name for the Field.

As we discussed previously, everything in our world is made of energy including our own bodies. Energy is composed of waves and particles. The waves are the communicating information storing part of energy, and the particles at first appear solid, though they are in fact just possibilities. A particle may be here or it may be there. It may appear as a wave if you are looking for a wave but also may appear as a particle if it is a particle you seek. In short it is a possibility waiting for you to tell it with your intentions what and where you wish it to be.

How powerful are intentions and do they really effect our environment? To answer that question I suggest you read “The Hidden Messages in Water”, by Dr. Masaru Emoto and “Conscious Acts of Creation” by Tiller, Dibble, and Kohane. Furthermore, you might want to read about the work of the French Scientist BenVeniste. Quite by accident his work revealed that the intentions of lab workers can effect the outcome of experiments.

Then there are “virtual” particles that appear from nowhere and collide with other particles, exchanging information with them in the process and then disappearing. Their appearance is rapid, even in sub atomic terms and their disappearance is as mysterious as their appearance. They just happen. Sort of like when you walk away from your desk for a moment and then when you return there is a sticky note there telling you the boss wants to see you right away.

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So each individual is a cloud of possibilities held together by energy that is also a cloud of possibilities. A possibility is held in a thought. So in the end we are each a collection of thoughts in Universal Mind. We are a manifestation of a thought. We think the same kinds of thoughts into the same Mind that created us. But, why then, when I think of a pink elephant, doesn’t a pink elephant instantly appear?

To answer that question I think we have to back up a moment and answer the question, who or what thought of you and brought you into existence? Mind will fill the form. It is a sea of potential just waiting to fill a form but the form must come from somewhere. Mind is only creative in that it will follow a form, it doesn’t create the form. Perhaps the somewhere that the form comes from is the domain of Spirit. Remember Spirit? It is the repository of all that is, and all that is is Spirit. Mind exists in Spirit and we in turn exist in Mind. Everything that exists in Mind must exist as a thought. The creative principle in Mind is the great unseen, but Mind itself is manifesting all around us and through us. Everything you see is a thought. That certainly gives new meaning to “I think, therefore I am.”

We can make changes that appear in the crystals of frozen water and in other minute and subtle ways, but Spirit can manifest thoughts on a much grander scale. The other thing to remember is that all thoughts are creative, the ones we mean to be creative and the ones we don’t wish to be creative. Perhaps our emotions and belief have an intensifying effect on some thoughts, but all thoughts will be felt in the field and Mind will react to all thoughts. And that is why no pink elephant has appeared in my tiny office. Because as well as thinking the thought of a pink elephant I am also thinking that I really don’t want that elephant here as well as also thinking I really can’t make an elephant appear out of thin air.

But in subtler ways we do create in our lives those things we desire. I was reminded of this while having lunch with my mother just months before she passed away. She had been talking about a book she had been working on that she wanted to finish before her life was over. I was half listening to her but also thinking about a lot of other things I had to do and take care of that day and that week, all wrapped up in my own responsibilities and things to do. But she brought me out of my own little world and made me think when she looked up at me and asked, “And how is your writing going?”

I had been so busy with so many things, raising a family and running a small business and all those things that seem to take up our time that I had lost touch with the fact that as a young man I had a burning desire to be a writer. Maybe I had forgotten that but my mother never had forgotten it. I thought back to that time when I spent days, weeks, months huddled over my old electric typewriter. Having plenty of ego I thought it would be wonderful to have people think that whatever I had to say would be worth paying money to read. How wonderful to be so bright and captivating that people would shell out money to have me reveal my thoughts. I’d written novels and movie scripts and short stories that never did make it past the editor’s desks. Gradually I had gotten caught up in my family and career and the dream of writing was pushed aside.
But I had used my writing talents in a more practical way and due to necessity had written instructions and how-to manuals for people who actually bought them. Every month I make money from people who think that what I have to say is worth money to read. It isn’t fiction and not scintillatingly brilliant, but it helps them. I’m not famous and no one asks for my autograph, but writing does help to pay the bills. I realized when she asked me that question that my intention to be a published writer had come true, but not exactly the way I’d pictured it. Then again, I was always a shy man and tried to help people and cared about other people so maybe, my sub-conscious mind had modified that intention to make it work for the man I truly am. But the bottom line is that I am a writer. I can say that without hesitation or reservation. I had put the thought into Mind and in its own way it had filled the form.
Cover of "The Hidden Messages in Water"
Cover of The Hidden Messages in Water

So the answer to the question, where is the pink elephant? Is that the pink elephant does exist as one possibility, but a lot of other thoughts are controlling it so that elephant doesn’t manifest because I believe those thoughts more than I believe the thought that I can create a pink elephant. Just think of all the thoughts you have ever had and multiply that times the number of people there are on Earth. Then remember that everything around you is a thought and you have an idea of the immensity of thoughts surrounding us. So each thought is effected by the thoughts surrounding it and that is why it is so hard to think things into existence. On the other hand it is why when we think something and it becomes an embodied or embedded belief, like my desire to be a writer, it does eventually manifest itself, albeit a bit modified by that sea of thought it had to work its way through.

That is where faith comes into play. We have to have faith that our desires will eventually come to fruition for good or bad but also realize that they may be altered by our own consciousness and perhaps the consciousness of the people around us, known as “race consciousness”. If there is a pool of consciousness that we all contribute to and we are each effected by, then it is this race consciousness that contains many ideas and beliefs that we inherit and may not be aware of. If there is something you truly desire, hold onto your idea and embody it and let it live within you. Hold on to your dreams and have faith that someday they will come true. Also take care that any foolish ideas provided by race consciousness don’t alter your dreams or get in the way. While some things in race consciousness may be helpful, many are destructive and it is this that we must overcome.

If we are a collection of thoughts then add good thoughts to your collection and weed out those destructive ones. In time your creative thinking will pay off.

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