Monday, January 18, 2016

The Best Restaurants in Chimney Rock, NC

Some of the best restaurants in Chimney Rock, North Carolina are Medina's Village Bistro, Tia B's, the Old Rock Cafe, Coffee on the Rocks and the Riverwatch Deli and Grill. Diners gave most of these restaurants at least four out of five stars.

Medina's Village Bistro, found on 430 Main Street, offers rib-sticking fare such as mac and cheese, prime rib sandwiches, tuna salad and shrimp stuffed with crabmeat. It also serves such mouthwatering meals as grilled cheese and kale sandwiches and white bean soup, and their Philly hoagie has just about everything as a topping for the ham and salami. Medina's has private parking and bicycle parking, is great for kids and groups and has outdoor seating. The price on most items is moderate.

Tia B's is a Mexican restaurant on 447 Main Street. Though it says it's a vegetarian restaurant, it does offer chicken on the menu. Diners who loved it commented on the freshness of the food, including fresh tortillas and queso fresco. They also liked the view of rushing water from the patio, which added to the restaurant's ambiance. Though the menu is small, and the servings may be smaller than some diners like, people did rave about the burritos, green chicken and chicken enchiladas, taco salad and the tomatillo salsa. Like Medina's, it is good for groups and for kids and the price is downright cheap. Tia B's doesn't seem to have a website, but the number is (828) 625-9990.

The Old Rock Cafe is found at the entrance to Chimney Rock State Park at 431 Main Street. A great lunch place, it offers Reuben sandwiches, burgers made of tender, highest quality beef and chips. The chili is also satisfying, and like Tia B's it has outdoor seating with a view of the river.

Coffee on the Rocks at 435 Main Street is a sweet little place that specializes in all manner of coffee including fresh roasted and espresso, iced, lattes and frappes. They also serve hot chocolate, tea and fruit smoothies. The fruit smoothies include mango, strawberry bananas and peach. A stellar breakfast place, they accompany these thirst-quenching drinks with cinnamon rolls, bagels, apple fritters and other tasties. It is a must for folks who've just come back from hiking through the park.

The Riverwatch Deli and Grill at 379 Main Street gives a view not only of the river but of Chimney Rock itself. Besides this, it is unique among the other mentioned restaurants in that it has a full bar, and gets high marks for its artisanal beer. Diners also appreciated the large hamburgers, potato salad, fried pickles, Boarshead deli meat sandwiches and something called "boom boom" sauce. At least one group was given heat lamps so they could sit on the roof deck in comfort.

About the Author: Dave is a guest contributor from The Esmeralda Inn & Restaurant located in Chimney Rock, NC.