Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Careers in the Food Industry

Chefs in training in Paris, France (2005).
Many people are passionate about food. So passionate that they decide that they want to make a career out of it. While there are many different types of career options for someone who wants to work in the food industry, we've highlighted a few that we think might catch your attention.


This one would be difficult not to mention when talking about careers in the food industry. Chefs can come from all different backgrounds. Many go through extensive training at culinary schools, where competition can be pretty tough. Many other chefs find ways to make it on their own with little external training, or learning from a mentor. Depending on the type of chef that you want to become, you may want to consider some form of culinary school from a respected institution.


Many people who start a job as a waiter or a waitress will often find themselves to be great at their job and they keep finding new opportunities to expand and develop their skill set. A talented waiter or waitress will need to understand everything the restaurant or food venue offers and should be able to make food and beverage recommendations based on a customer's needs. They also need to be able to communicate very effectively with chefs or anyone preparing food, as they will be the ones held responsible for the quality of the food served. While many waiters or waitresses learn from experience, many aspiring waiters or waitresses can attend hospitality schools to make themselves stand out from others on the market.

Food Quality Specialist

If you ever wonder how your food and beverages are consistently safe for you to consume, then you should thank a food quality specialist. They are responsible for making sure that food and beverages are safe to consume something as small as a restaurant chain to a region of the United States. There are plenty of positions available at the moment. Just go to a job search site like Foodsafetyrecruiter.com and use their job search tool for finding a job opening in your regional area.

Hospitality Manager

From deciding the structure of a menu for a restaurant, to how a food venue may be set up and designed, a hospitality manager will be in charge of a great deal of items related to the food service of a business or an organization. Hospitality managers are often found in hotels but will work in any environment that prides itself on providing excellent customer service as well as food or beverages.