Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How Environmental Services Help Businesses

Ever wonder what’s going to happen to that abandoned warehouse in your neighborhood, or who’s going to turn that gas station that went out of business into a new and thriving business that will give back to the local community? Environmental Consulting businesses provide a vital step in helping new business owners reclaim old and potentially hazardous land and make good use out of it. Here’s how it all begins.

When a business or bank realizes that there’s a high potential that the area they’re investing in could be contaminated, they hire an environmental consulting firm to conduct a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. An example of a business that does that can be found here. Once the firm conducts a series of groundbreaking tests on the property, they can report back to all the stakeholders to identify what risks are present and the costs of repairing or cleaning the property.

These assessments give banks and businesses a clear and accurate picture of what they may be getting themselves into, and it helps promote business growth in areas where no business activity was seen to be possible.