Monday, February 25, 2013

Plainwell Michigan

Map of Michigan highlighting Allegan County.svg
How would you feel about living in a town that had just a little over 8000 people? Well that is about how many people live in Plainwell Michigan. I think that it would be amazingly fun to live in a small town. I didn't lived in a fairly small town in Rhode Island while I was growing up. It was nice to have friends always close by. I remember when I went to high school and they merged the two middle schools and I felt like I was meeting a whole new world. Small towns do have their advantage. Especially if your children play sports. I wasn't an amazing softball or basketball player but I was always on every all-star and traveling sports team. The funny thing was we always had fairly decent teams. So if you are into sports and you want to get noticed move to a small town and shine.

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