Friday, May 22, 2015

Dining Destinations in Maine

Seafood, bars, and classic grills.
That's exactly what the state of Maine is known for. From fancy dining to rustic seaside bar and grill atmospheres, Maine has some of the best eateries around. With a high volume of lobster and clams, Maine's seafood cuisine tops seafood restaurants along the coast. In fact, Maine is so well known for its seafood, that shoppers and restaurant-goers can now track when and where their fish was caught off the coast of Maine. From the sea to the plate, Maine's cuisine is like no other.

Here are some of the best restaurants to visit while in Maine to experience this kind of unique dishes in a completely exclusive environment.

40Paper - An Italian Bistro and Bar
This Maine restaurant dubs itself both a traditional bistro and modern bar. With hand-made pasta and European influences, 40Paper provides an elegant yet fresh experience with Italian-style dishes. This restaurant teams up with farmers and and local growers to supply quality ingredients. 40Paper relies on a healthy, relaxing dining experience for its guests.

The dinner menu includes items ranging from pasta and pizza to steak and ribs.

Long Lake Sporting Club - A Restaurant and Lounge
This is a family-owned restaurant of 35 years and strives for an excellent dining experience for its guests. Like any great sports bar and grill, Long Lake Sporting Club serves steak, ribs, clams, shrimp, jump lobster and much more for the seafood-enthusiast.

Pai Men Miyake - A Japanese Restaurant
This restaurant in Portland focuses on ramen with broths with pork, chicken, and vegetables. This is a much more casual dining option in Maine but with great food nonetheless. With classic Asian dishes ranging from shrimp gyoza to sashimi, this eatery is suitable for the cultured-eater.

Walter's - A Classic Portland Restaurant
If you can't decide a style of food to eat, this restaurant has unique dishes from land to sea. Inspired to cook Asian, Mediterranean and Caribbean dishes, the chef and owner strives to use fresh and global ingredients for his seasonal menus. The dining experience has a classic, elegant mood, perfect for Portland.

Some of the key dinner menu items are Forbidden Shrimp, duck, and Brick Chicken.

About the Author: Kelly is a guest contributor of Hartstone Inn and Dockside Guest Quarters, relaxing bed and breakfast destinations in Maine.