Thursday, October 20, 2016

Best Restaurants in Gulf Shores for Seafood

The area of Gulf Shores, Alabama features some of the best seafood restaurants in the country. All along the coast you can enjoy delicious shrimp, scallops, fish, oysters, and more. If you are planning a vacation to the Gulf Coast and staying in a oceanfront hotel or renting from a vacation rental company such as Gulf Shores Vacation Rentals you will be close to all these amazing seafood restaurants during your vacation.

Fish River Grill #3

This is definitely one of the best places to enjoy a seafood meal in Gulf Shores. They have a wide range of seafood offerings, but the thing they do best is grilled seafood. The grilled shrimp is a particular highlight that customers rave about. Make sure that you try their swamp soup, a tasty mix of black beans, pinto beans, turnips and ham. 
Fish River Grill #3 also serves the best burgers in town in case someone in your party isn’t a seafood fan.

S & S Seafood Market

For seafood fans who want to enjoy a quick meal next to the beach, a trip to S & S Seafood Market is a must. You can buy your seafood raw to take home or they will grill it up for you right there. You can’t beat this spot for freshness. The best thing on the menu is the smoked tuna dip. Even people who don’t normally like tuna gobble up this delicious dip.

Bahama Bob’s Beachside Café

This is another Gulf Shores 
seafood restaurant that is right on the beach. The food and service here are excellent. They are very popular and do not accept reservations, which means you shouldn’t be in a hurry as you might have to wait for a table. The view from the outdoor patio overlooking the beach is amazing. Some of the highlights on the menu include the mahi mahi sandwich and their fried alligator bites.

The BEACH HOUSE Kitchen & Cocktails

If you are looking for a fancy seafood spot, head somewhere else. The décor here is plain, but the seafood is spectacular. The shrimp tacos here are amazing. They also do a great job with the grouper. They have good happy hour specials and mix up a number of interesting cocktails. This is usually a little less crowded than many of the other seafood restaurants in town, which makes it a good spot to go if you are in a hurry.

Original Oyster House

This is the place to go in Gulf Shores if you are in the mood for oysters. They also serve incredible gumbo and cheese grits. This is one of the busiest restaurants in town. Be prepared to wait 30 minutes or so for a table. However, once you sit down, you will be blown away by the delicious food at Original Oyster House.

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  1. You’re making me hungry. I’ve heard that eating oysters could actually help me lose weight because they contain zinc which is supposed to help you feel less hungry, and oysters also have less than 10 calories each. Sounds good to me! I hope it's true, but I think shrimp are still my favorite.

    Crystal Carson @ Tacky Jacks