Sunday, January 15, 2017

Places to Grab a Quick Bite in Provincetown

Provincetown has many places where a typical traveler can get a quick bite to eat. Whenever you crave something hot and a desert that's cold, you may want to visit Twisted Pizza, Subs, and Ice Cream. Foreign food options are also available in Provincetown; by visiting Kung Fu Dumplings, you can buy tasty noodles, spring rolls, kimchi, and more. If you're looking for a place that sells healthy food, Big Daddy's Burritos is a great option. Everything that's offered at this Mexican restaurant is prepared with the freshest ingredients, and the menu has traditional items and snacks for vegetarians.

Twisted Pizza, Subs, and Ice Cream
You can buy a variety of items at Twisted Pizza, Subs, and Ice Cream without any delay because the staff provides prompt and efficient services. The pizzas made with special ingredients, which is why every slice tastes like a New York-style product. All of the subs that are served pair nicely with a small slice of pizza because they're layered with crisp veggies.

The most popular menu items that appeal to kids are the ice creams. They can pick a soft serve or hard serve blend; the soft serve products are 95 percent fat free, and the hard serve ice creams contain no sugar.

Kung Fu Dumplings
 At Kung FuDumplings, numerous authentic Chinese dishes are prepared and served to locals in Provincetown. Many of the menu items can be enjoyed during a scroll through the area or while sitting on a bench in the park. Traveler can buy a:

  • Wonton soup
  • Chicken teriyaki plate
  • Boneless pork spare rib tray

The restaurant offers sodas and waters to customers who need beverages with their meal. Wang Leo Ji is also a drink option; this item doesn't fight with certain food flavors since it's a Chinese tea.

Big Daddy's Burritos
Big Daddy'sBurritos is a nice place get a bite with your dog because the restaurant is pet-friendly. As you eat a delicious Mexican taco or burrito with cheese and sauce, your dog can enjoy a tasty menu item that contains plenty of veggies

This post is a guest contribution from Admiral's Landing, a bed and breakfast in Provincetown, MA.

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